most volatile currency pairs: The Most Volatile Currency Pairs in 2022
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most volatile currency pairs: The Most Volatile Currency Pairs in 2022

I was working on a 7-candle circle, instead of 5, for a week and the pictures were for that — nothing important. I have linked this study in a response to a trader question on Baby Pips forum. It actually answers one of many questions I had as I build my detailed trading plan after a four year absence from trading. It’s very unlikely that it goes beyond that level except there is one of the most volatile news such as NFP. These Black Swan events are unpredictable and extremely rare, usually have a wide reach effect on economies, and are more likely to redefine some economic factors in several countries.

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Any changes in the price of any of these markets will affect the value of the New Zealand dollar against the Japanese yen. The price of gold affects the volatility in the US Dollar against the South African Rand. Gold is a significant export of South Africa, and the commodity’s price on the world market is in US dollars, meaning the cost of gold depends on the value of the US Dollar. Low liquidity means that the market is more volatile, and this can cause drastic changes in prices. When the market has higher liquidity, its volatility is low, meaning prices do not fluctuate drastically.

Most Volatile Currency Pairs – 2022

First, the average market price is determined, then the daily price deviation from the average is calculated. Once this is done, total price deviations are then divided by the number of periods recorded to have the average price deviations from the average price. Traders started to sell the GBP into the market, and when the supply increased the price of the British pound decreased against other major currencies. Japan is a safe-haven economy, where interest and inflation rates are low. Meanwhile, the New Zealand economy relies heavily on exporting commodities - it exports meat, milk, and wool among other things. The trading balance directly affects the NZD, causing positive inflation rates.

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It is the unpredictable movement of exchange rates in the Forex market and it may lead to either substantial losses or gains in the Forex Market as it is the principal cause of foreign currency risk. Delayed execution – trades may be delayed from being executed due to high volumes of trading in times when volatility is high. In addition, high volumes may also affect prices as they may be different from quotes given at the time that an order is placed. There are various factors that may affect market volatility namely world events, the performance of a certain sector in the market, political factors, and even natural disasters. Such factors are often beyond the control of traders however, traders can prepare themselves adequately should volatility in the market increase.

Canada is one of the largest economies in the world and a major oil exporter. The price of oil has therefore a large impact on the direction of the Canadian Dollar. The second issue a trader can confront when trading the unpredictable money related instruments is a wide spread .

The most often currencies among novices are major forex pairs. Whenever a trader starts trading, he trades by speculating on a currency to get stronger or even weaker than the other, and if it achieves what the trader speculates or the goal, a profit is made. Now that you know the factors let’s look at some significant types of currency pairs.

USDNOK: 5.25% Historical Volatility

Both CFDs and spread bets are financial derivatives that provide traders with the ability to either go long to bet when the market rises or too short to speculate should the market be falling. Volatility in the market is often measured by making use of Standard deviation. It is the standard statistic used to measure volatility as it shows how tightly clustered or how spread out a set of data is. This is done by measuring it from the mean or average of that specific data. Should there be any pullback in risk from global markets, ZAR is set to be pushed substantially lower as was the case during the 2008 financial crisis. In addition, Russia pegged the RUB to gold at one ounce for 5,000 ruble.

If the pair has gone beyond those levels and you still see potential according to a steep move generated from important news or any other factors, then you can consider the MAX ADR as your target. Forex ADR can also be used as a gauge to show us the potential movement of every pair so it can help us to choose the best pairs to trade during a day. Generally, if a pair hasn’t passed its ADR level, there could be more opportunities to take advantage from. Again it may not important for swing or position traders but it defiantly important for a scalper who tries to find positions with quick results especially if you consider liquidity too. Imagine you are a scalper and you have set a 5-pip SL for your strategy.

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This sort of analysis can be useful if you wish to determine when a currency pair is typically most volatile and to what extent. Below find a list and descriptions of the top five major currency pairs ranked by historical volatility in 2020. The most recent one month historical volatility percentages are displayed after each currency pair’s codes for comparison purposes.

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This currency pair is also known for its lack of liquidity, which can cause large price swings if one or two large traders attempt to pick up significant amounts of the currency pair. As a general rule, the higher the liquidity of a currency pair, the lower the volatility. This is because the higher the amount of supply and demand, the harder it is to get a price moving. If there were no volatility at all, then you would expect that a currency would gain or lose the same amount every day.

You can readily determine which pairs are more volatile and which are more stable by using a volatility calculation tool. Learn how to trade the forex market and continue by reading the article what is forex trading and how does it work. The governments in these countries maintain transparent government financial records and do not interfere in forex markets. As a result, the major currencies for forex trading like the US dollar, Euro, British pound, Chinese renminbi, and Japanese yen are also reasonably stable. In contrast, some emerging market countries’ currencies are highly volatile since they are affected by global demand and supply and local policy changes.

Definition of currency volatility

The reason why volatile currency pairs in the Forex market enable traders to make higher returns is that they move more than 1% around the market price in a single day. The most volatile currency pairs offer enticing prospects for profit because their price movements can be more dramatic than less volatile pairs. However, while increased volatility may offer more scope to realise a profit, it can also increase a trader’s exposure to risk.

Another instance of huge volatility was recorded on the same day for a different currency pair. The NZD/JPY pair recorded daily volatility of 11%, with the price moving 8 NZD around the average market price. My advice would be to trade currency pairs with a good balance of volatility. A solid example is the GBP/USD, which ensures risk is managed without compromising on returns.

  • Traders will typically watch this pairing very closely, paying particular attention to any significant changes in sentiment that could potentially impact global trade and investment flows.
  • Additionally, specialized examination patterns may create bogus signs.
  • That makes price movements in the USD/KWR common, and traders use the pair to generate more profits.
  • This pair consists of the U.S. dollar quoted versus the Polish złoty, which is widely forecast to be the best performing currency in Central Europe for 2021.

This is because some factors like political, economic, and social events cause volatility in the prices. Traders should keep up with financial news to make profits and avoid losses. Volatility of a currency pair is an average number of points that the pair passes over a certain period. You can detect both intraday volatility and volatility during trading sessions.

What is Currency Volatility?

Low most volatile currency pairs Forex pairings are simpler to trade in certain ways, but only because the chance of your transaction failing is greatly reduced. The USD/CHF combination is often a relatively solid and predictable pair to trade… But that, too, has altered in 2020. The Bank of England maintained its benchmark interest rate at 0.1 percent and said that no more stimulus measures will be implemented.

  • If either of them is susceptible to some events that take place at the time of trading, the currency pair is likely to fluctuate a lot.
  • The5%ers let you trade the company’s capital, You get to take 50% of the profit, we cover the losses.
  • For example, an order to buy 50 million of EUR/USD will hardly move this highly liquid currency pair, while it could have a notable impact on an exotic currency pair such as USD/TRY.
  • Then again, when key financial information are distributed or authorities give a discourse, the market value makes sharp and solid developments.
  • The Aussie economy lacks stability, it fluctuates with the prices of commodities, deals with agricultural lands problems, and relies heavily on its trading partners.

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When volatility is lower than average, for example, at the border of the European and Asian sessions, an aggressive trader can make a pause and prepare for trades on this or that session. Much like AUD/JPY and NZD/JPY, there is an inverse relationship between the Canadian dollar and Japanese yen. This is because CAD is also a commodity currency, this time strongly linked to the price of oil. As this price increases, the cost of purchasing CAD with JPY increases too.


There is a long list of currency pairs, and the decision depends on personal preferences. Currency option prices are often notably affected by the market’s anticipation of shifts in the underlying currency pair’s volatility. Forex traders can therefore use currency options to take a view on future volatility and direction in a currency pair or to just trade volatility directly.

JPY is widely considered a safe haven currency and one traded most during times of economic uncertainty. There are a few trading approaches that allow speculating on highly volatile securities successfully. The most common of them are day trading, scalping, price action, swing trading, etc. Each of these strategies can be implemented, given the market is volatile.

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